A job is only well done when it's done exceptionally well.

Our 20-year legacy is the driving force behind our mission to create an efficient and effective closing company.

We never settle for mediocrity. This is what sets us apart. We treat all of our clients with dignity and integrity and exist to make your life easier by providing guidance, structure, and personalized service that can't be found elsewhere.

What to Expect On Your Closing.

Neighbors Title, through its underwriters, will not only insure the title of the property long-term, but we will prepare all necessary closing documents, allocate fees between buyer and seller, coordinate with mortgage lenders, facilitate the closing, and record all legal documents.

Our Experience

In our 20-plus years in the business, we saw a gap in the market when it came to title companies. We noticed what a good closer and title company could do to help the processes go well. The knowledge and understanding of the industry are the driving force behind our mission to create an efficient and effective closing company. We know discretion and confidentiality are required when processing a wholesale closing, and we don't take that lightly. As a result, we've earned a solid reputation as a proud, locally-owned small business that's unwaveringly reliable and utterly professional. 

Communication You Can Count On

We take pride in being effective communicators. Our clients don't like surprises, and they really don't like it when we drop the ball. We strive to be buttoned up in everything we do and work hard to predict any needs or obstacles before they arise. Being strong communicators means creating streamlined processes that simplify the complex while maintaining frequent touch-bases with our clients from a single point of contact they can count on.

Concierge Closing

We live and work in the community we serve. This gives us first-hand knowledge of the local real estate market, which is so important. We are here to assist you with your real estate purchase, refinancing, new construction, and investment properties.


Our electronic signing is a simple and legal way to get documents signed quickly. E-signings are a trusted and secure method to replace handwritten signatures.